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A noted use of hook & loop tape fasteners is to secure anti-mosquito netting or insect screens to window frames.

We proactively built on this idea and pioneered a top quality, premium fibre glass insect screen – Skynet Insect Shield.

Taking Skynet a step forward, we introduced Winddecor, the designer insect screen series, crafted for an elegant look for windows which also enhances the overall beauty of your home interior as well as prevents mosquitoes.

Our range of Insect Screens are here to secure you and your family from all kind of diseases caused by mosquitoes and other insects.

We have recently entered the metal net segment through Sky Guard. Along with protecting from mosquitoes, Sky Guard can also be installed outside the exhaust fan duct for protection from rats, cockroaches, wall lizards & other nocturnal species.

  • Skynet Insect Shield – White, Black, Grey, Brown and Ivory.
  • Winddecor – Customised options available upon request.

Specification available upon request.

Specification available upon request.